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Cornwall Law Society was established in 1883. The Society supports 300 members in the County of Cornwall by providing guidance, CPD Training, marketing, recruitment and social events. The Society is the county’s independent local Law Society and voice for local Solicitors and members of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

This website is not only a resource for members of the Cornwall Law Society, but is also open to members of the public to locate local legal advice.

Anthony Deacon
President of Cornwall Law Society 2020-2021

The last quarterly Newsletter of my year as President gives me a chance to convey the issues that the Cornwall Law Society has addressed, during that time.

We have considered the importance of communicating with our membership and are working on the design and construction of a new website, which we see as the cornerstone of improving this process.

We intend that the functionality will include a forum for members to discuss matters of confidential professional concern and interest. We also hope that it will project to the public the availability and scope of legal advice in the county and its law society’s vibrancy and outlook. It will also include a change in the style and format of communications; and we hope to have more news on the progress of this project, by the end of the year.

Another subject identified, was the importance of continuity to the goals of the Cornwall Law Society and the best methods of achieving them. This includes consideration of the size and governance of the committee and how to achieve further alignment to the member’s needs and improving the committee’s effectiveness, to the benefit of the members.

We have discussed the future delivery of training and education which is clearly of key importance. This includes not only the content and delivery of courses and course providers, but also the venues.

Cornwall Law Society has continued its support for legal education initiatives currently being devised and delivered at Truro College and Exeter University’s Penryn Campus, which will increase the availability of young talent to firms in the county and benefit access to justice, in the public interest.

To this end we have continued to support and involve the Junior Lawyers Division of the society some of whose members, include members of the Full Committee.

Our overall focus has been on value creation and evolution and adaptation to improve members’ experience; to demonstrate how membership is beneficial, in changing times, of a local law society that I have been fortunate and proud to represent as its President this year.

Regards to All

Anthony Deacon

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