Cornwall Law Society is now a member of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

Cornwall Law Society are members of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

The Committee is delighted to announce that Cornwall Law Society (CLS) is now a Full Member of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce (CCC).

By a special membership arrangement each member of CLS now has an Affiliate Membership of CCC.

As an Affiliate Member, CCC offers each individual CLS member the following:

  • CLS may, on behalf of its Affiliate Members, make communication with all Chamber Members via the Member to Member messaging service (M2M).
  • As an Affiliate Member, each CLS member is eligible to attend ONE Cornwall Chamber “Big Breakfast” or “Connected Lunch” at the discounted member’s rate of £22.80 (plus VAT) or £26.40 (plus VAT) respectively.
  • All CLS members may upgrade their Affiliate Membership at any time to Full Membership at a 30% discount for their first year of membership.
  • Each CLS Affiliate Member will have access to all relevant British Chamber of Commerce services, research, skills, statistics and information.
  • CLS Affiliate Members will be invited to participate in the Quarterly Economic Survey, the largest economic survey of British businesses.

For all information on CCC and its news and upcoming events go to the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce website.